‘Architecture Follows People’

All buildings by default are built to function, otherwise they are called sculptures; i.e. it is a trip to Disney World.

All buildings by default have form, otherwise society itself cannot function; i.e. it is a picnic or a camp ground.

All architecture are buildings, but not all buildings are architecture.

Architects who follow ‘form follows function’ are following one ideology. Despite their functional priority they produced functionally failing buildings. It was the demised modernism.

Architects who follow ‘function follows form’, also follow money, self-interest, their whims, digital possibilities, disjointing philosophy, unbelievable ‘surface’ and material innovations. It is the insane Today’s Architecture.

Architects who follow ‘architecture follows people’, have lasted life times. These are the unknown architects who left us ever lasting architecture.


Copyright © 2008 Dr Ziad Aazam

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  2. my kids love to go disneyworld, i think every kid would love to go there-;”

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